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Pregnancy can be the most wonderful time but it can also be overwhelming, anxiety-provoking and not to mention all those aches and pains that come with growing a little human!

Your Birth Your Way offers a range of services to help you navigate your pregnancy and birth in a relaxed and calm way so you can feel empowered and excited to meet your little one.

Come join us for:
  • Relaxed and informal hypnobirthing classes (private or group)
  • Pregnancy relaxation workshops
  • Pregnancy yoga
  • Postnatal yoga for mums
  • Mum & baby yoga

The Calm Births course

Written by a midwife and trained hypnotherapist, the Calm Births Course is a full antenatal programme designed to help you achieve the calm, gentle and safe birth that your body was designed for.  
The aim of the Calm Births Course is to give you and your birth partner the skills needed to remain feeling calm, positive and in control no matter what turns your birth may take.

I offer group or private hypnobirthing classes in Nottingham that are designed to help you and your birth partner feel empowered and ready to meet your little one.


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Yoga is an amazing practice that benefits the health of your mind, body and soul. It is so much more than just a physical practice (if you'd like it to be).

Staying physically active, taking time to check in with your own thoughts and feelings, and having space for relaxation are important at all times - but no more so than when you're pregnant or have just had a baby.

I offer pregnancy yoga, postnatal yoga, mum & baby yoga, and general hatha yoga classes in Nottingham.

As with all that I teach, you will always be in control of your own journey - I'm there just to guide you. I hope to see you on the mat someday soon.

Prenatal Mediation
Pregnant Woman in Nature

About Me

Having used hypnobirthing and yoga to overcome my own anxiety about birth, I'm passionate about helping nervous, anxious or scared mummies to overcome negative feelings or emotions towards birth.

You deserve to have the positive birth experience that you've always hoped for.

Beth x

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Please feel free to contact me by phone or email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

PHONE NUMBER: 07402 649454


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