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Birth Stories


Baby Isabelle

Firstly, I just want to say thank you to Beth for delivering this course to us. I am an extremely anxious person and was terrified of the prospect of being pregnant, let alone giving birth. Over the course of the four weeks, I actually began to enjoy the journey and found some joy in creating my birth plan. I found the course so interesting and began to find my midwife appointments less overwhelming.

When it came to discussing my birth plan with my midwife, my partner (who had been able to join me on most appointments) couldn't attend. As he is my comfort blanket, the thought of him not being there to discuss these big decisions would have been too daunting. However, from attending Beth's hypnobirthing course, my anxiety was non-existent and I found myself discussing all my options in a calm and collected manner. 

On the 23rd December, I had a growth scan and Izzy was measuring big so I was offered an induction. This is something I didn't want to do and this course gave me the confidence to say no. Moving forward, I opted for a planned c-section a week later (there was no way I was missing my Christmas dinner).

On the day, I didn't feel anxious at all and was even able to have a laugh with the midwives/nurses whilst having the procedure done. Whenever my mind did begin to wander, I was able to use the breathing techniques Beth had shown me to take control again and remain calm. These techniques also helped me when an hour later, my partner left the hospital and I was left alone with a tiny human for the first time in my life. 

Without this course, I'm not sure I would have coped with pregnancy or the birth as well as I did. So thank you Beth for turning a scary experience into an extremely positive one.

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