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Birth Stories

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Baby Oliver

In my third trimester myself and my husband decided to undertake a hynobirthing course with Beth. Following a rather traumatic first birth, I was anxious about giving birth again. I wanted to ensure my second birth was a positive experience for the both of us. Beth helped me to realise that I had choices throughout my birth and by having the right mindset I could approach birth positively and look forward to meeting my baby. I practiced my breathing and listened to affirmations to keep me calm. 


Following the course I felt confident and was excited to embrace my birth experience. I spoke to my midwife and decided to opt for a homebirth. The birth pool arrived and we set it up prior to my due date (3rd October 2020). I placed my positive quotes around the room and created the environment I wanted to be in. 


16th October 2020


40+13 and we were eager to meet our 2nd little boy, but my homebirth was not to be. Today was the day I was to be Induced. Rather than look at this negatively, I re-wrote my birth plan in preparation for a hospital birth. 

That morning I was given a pessary and sent home, I was unsure if it would work but carried on my day as normal. I was told to come back in at 10pm to be reviewed, however at 2pm I started to feel cramps and by 3pm mild tightenings. The surges (contractions) continued and intensified to 7pm, I breathed through each one of them at home, listening to my affirmations. What kept me going through the pain was that with every surge I was one step closer to meeting my baby. My surges were now coming regularly, I contacted the hospital at 7.10pm and was told to come in. Fortunately my labour was relatively short and on arrival at the hospital my waters broke in the lift, 10 minutes later with gas and air, two midwifes delivered our beautiful baby boy, Oliver. 


Although I did not have a home birth, I couldn't have asked for a more positive experience. I truly believe hypnobirthing gave me the courage to breath through my surges at home to become fully dilated. My husband was shocked how quickly I delivered our little boy, and this time I was able to mentally enjoy meeting my baby with my husband. The midwives were incredibly supportive and helped me with breastfeeding. We did not feel rushed but as my birth went so well we were able to go home that evening! 


Thank you Beth, we are forever grateful. Giving birth is huge moment in a person's life, preparing for birth is important and I would highly recommend this course! 


Laura, Lee & Oliver

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