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Birth Stories

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Baby Emily

Baby Girl arrived safe and sound on 13th December at 18:09 weighing 6lb 8oz - Emily Grace.

She is amazing and such a good baby - I think half of that is because me and Ste are so relaxed with her a lot of which we can thank you for as you helped us prepare massively. 

The birth was definitely hard but I was calm through it all and it was so worth it. I managed to use the breathing techniques for most of the labour but I did need some diamorphine as I had a really quick labour and needed a bit of relief. The course tips 100% helped me be in a great frame of mind for it though and I felt in control the whole time and every decision I made was mine and I felt totally comfortable with everything that happened. 

Thanks again for all your guidance and help it definitely made a difference to our experience.

Kim and Ste x x (and Emily) xx

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